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Be Careful with my Heart (ABS-CBN) October 03, 2012

Tags : Careful Heart ABS-CBN

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Be Careful with my Heart (ABS-CBN) October 03, 2012
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by : FlipBooth on Oct 2, 2012
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Duration: 30:00

Video Description for Be Careful with my Heart (ABS-CBN) October 03, 2012

Be Careful with my Heart (ABS-CBN) October 03, 2012
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Be Careful with my Heart (ABS-CBN) October 03, 2012

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News Report:

Any Pinoy can learn to 'speak' computer code - Microsoft

Whether you are eight or 28, you can learn how to code. That coding can be done by anyone regardless of age and background is what Microsoft Philippines is trying to prove in their week-long campaign celebrated in Asia Pacific from April 21 to 27.
Part of the campaign was to have kids and young adults get their first taste of programming through the 'Hour of Code' campaign of Code.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding participation in Computer Science education. 
Code.org offers gamified tutorials on the basics of computer programming that will eventually allow individuals to make games, phone apps, and robot instructions, among others.
For the beginners' tutuorial, Code.org uses Blockly, a visual programming editor where instead of typing, users drag blocks together to build an application. They also use Angry Birds, and Plants vs. Zombies characters that proved to be more interesting for kids to command, so to speak.
"We believe that anyone can do it. If you have the right idea, you just have to learn to execute it," said Joben Genesis Rara, Microsoft Developer Evangelist in a media briefing on Wednesday.
Among those who tried Code.org's 'Hour of Code' beginners tutorial were children and young adults from Gawad Kalinga in Bulacan on Tuesday. Kids as young as eight years old to young adults in their 20s were given an hour to complete 20 coding puzzles.
Interest: 'Through the roof'
"[Their level of interest] was through the roof. In fact when we were asking kids to sign up, 50 students were interested, but we could only accomodate 20 [that morning]," said Rara in a separate interview with GMA News Online.
"I spent the first five to 10 minutes explaining how the Code.org tool works. We gave them an hour to complete the 20 puzzles, but it only took them 45 minutes," Rara narrated.
"They didn't even realize that they were programming. To them, they were just playing. But they were programming. They [were telling] the computer what they want to happen," he added.
Wanted: Pinoy programmers
"We hope to channel the energy of youth into a loud demand for more resources, education and skill straining in coding which we hope will pave the way for a future generation of Filipino IT programmers and developers," said Alvin Gendrano, Director for the Developer and Platform Group of Microsoft Philippines in a press release.
There is lack of programmers and Computer Science graduates in the Philippines, said Gendrano, who is also the Vice President and Chair of the Capability Development Committee of the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA).
"When I say there's a lack of programmers, I'm basing that on what 170 PSIA member companies are saying," he said.
CHED: Addressing the undersupply
The PSIA closely works with the government, including the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).
“We're reviewing the BS IT and BS CS curricula. So we're putting more programming to BS IT and we're putting industry-needed skills in BS CS. For a student to be hireable after they graduate, they need to have some requisite skills needed by the software industry,” Gendrano said.
“Even though there's a glut of BS IT graduates, there's actually an undersupply and a big gap in terms of BS CS graduates, and a big gap in the number of programmers today,” he added.
"[Computer Science and Basic Programming] are skills that serve as the foundation for many jobs today and those that will be created in the future. It is extremely important that the youth in the Philippines have access to the education and skills training needed to adquately prepare them," said Philip Cheang, one of the Microsoft 2010 Imagine Cup winners. — TJD, GMA News

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