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Got To Believe October 3, 2013 Episode Replay

Tags : Believe October 3 2013

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Got To Believe October 3, 2013 Episode Replay
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Joined:Jul 19, 2009
by : FlipBooth on Oct 3, 2013
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Duration: 30:00

Video Description for Got To Believe October 3, 2013 Episode Replay

Got To Believe October 3, 2013 Episode Replay
“Got to Believe,” an upcoming romantic-comedy series starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, will have a youth organization that aims to make a difference. As children, Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo) and Joaquin (Daniel Padilla) form an unlikely friendship when he stumbles upon a circus where the high-spirited girl works along with her parents (Manilyn Reynes, Benjie Paras). Coming from a family caught in conflict, with parents (Carmina Villaroel, Ian Veneracion) on the verge of separation, Joaquin finds comfort and happiness in Chichay’s world. The children’s relationship grows with their shared fascination for “magic,” as progress seems made between Joaquin’s parents when they arrive together at the circus seemingly at Chichay’s will. Tragedy strikes, however, when a stray bullet hits Joaquin in the head amid high spirits during New Year festivities. While the boy survives, he grows up to live with the bullet not removed from the “silent spot” it was lodged in. The accident cuts short the friendship between Chichay and Joaquin, but as fate would have it, the two, as teenagers, literally bump into each other at the same place they first met. Brought to you by FlipBooth - The Pinoy Style Youtube

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Got To Believe October 3, 2013 Episode Replay

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