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امرؤ القيس- أشاقك من آل ليلى الطلل

Tags : People

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Video Description for امرؤ القيس- أشاقك من آل ليلى الطلل

قصيدة إمرؤ القيس أشاقك من آل ليلى الطلل
ومقدمة عن حياة الشاعر الجاهلي

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مرو ان

غلط في الشرح لقد أخذ بثأر أبيه من الأسدي وقتله وستنصر ب مدحج وحمير قبيلتآن
من أهل اليمن ونظم قصيده بعد أن قتل قآتل أبيه ..أنشد الشاعر قائلا مزهوا
بنصره قولا لدودان نجد عبيد العصا *** ما غركم بالأسد الباسل قد قرت العينان
من مالك *** ومن بني عمرو ومن كاهل ومن بني غنم بن دودان إذ *** نقذف أعلاهم
على السافل نطعنهم سلكى ومخلوجة *** لفتك لأمين على نابل. ويكبيديآ لو تبون
العلم الصحيح ..!
majed Alarari

احسنت احسنت كلامك سليم

شكراً شكراً يا استاذ على هذا المجهود والاختيار ولكن حبّذا الإكثار من
الانتاج + وتحسين الإلقاء + والبداية بلا مقدمات . وشكراً مجدداً أخوك عاشق
المتنبي محمد قبازرد من الكويت
إسمآعيل اليافعي

امرؤ القيس اشهر شعراء العرب على الإطلاق..وماشي منافس له غير المتنبي..اما
باقي الشعراء فق تفوق عليهم الله يرحم زمان كان فيه الشعر الفصيح من أجمل
مايكون تحياتي ..بن عامر اليافعي
abdullah fagerah

الله يرجه ما غير نحفظ عشان ننجح ما استفدنا ولا كلمة :|
shahen kaysar

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News Report:

NBA: 76ers end season the way they began it, with win versus defending champs Heat

MIAMI - With the Miami Heat locked into the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference and the Philadelphia 76ers' lottery position already sealed, their meeting on the final night of the regular season did not carry as much significance as other games around the NBA.

Nonetheless, they played the game, and with two-thirds of the Heat's Big 3 sitting out, the 76ers beat the Heat 100-87 on Wednesday night (Thursday, PHL time) at AmericanAirlines Arena.
#Sixers close out 2013-14 the way they began it, w/ a win over @MiamiHEAT! 100-87 the final. #TogetherWeBuild

— Philadelphia 76ers (@Sixers) April 17, 2014

Miami finished the regular season with a three-game losing streak, but the Heat's greater concern is the postseason, where they will face the No. 7 Charlotte Bobcats in a first-round series that begins at 3:30 p.m. Sunday (Monday, PHL time) in Miami.

The Heat will then play the winner of the Nos. 3-6 matchup between the Toronto Raptors and the Brooklyn Nets. Miami went 0-4 during the regular season against Brooklyn.

Philadelphia pulled away in the third quarter. With the score tied earlier in the quarter, the Sixers ended up leading by 18 after the quarter thanks to a 19-4 run.

Forward Thaddeus Young led the 76ers with 20 points and nine rebounds.

Six Sixers scored in double figures, including guard Michael Carter-Williams with 12 points.

Wednesday's (Thursday, PHL time) loss marked second time this season the two-time defending champion Heat fell to the lowly Sixers. They also lost in Philadelphia on October 30 (Oct. 31, PHL time) in the second game of the regular season.

Miami finished the regular season with a 29-14 record against opponents below .500 but with just 13 losses against winning teams.

Philadelphia led Miami 55-51 at halftime with both Young and guard James Anderson already in double figures with 10 points apiece.

Guard Dwyane Wade played 16 of his 23 minutes in the first half, scoring 14 of his 16 points to lead Miami. He did not play in the fourth quarter.

Miami guards Toney Douglas and Ray Allen added 13 and 11 points, respectively. Forwards LeBron James and Chris Bosh sat out.

The 76ers finished the first quarter on a 10-0 run to turn an eight-point deficit into a two-point lead. Philadelphia led by as many as nine points in the first half. - Reuters

The scores:

76ERS 100 - Young 20, Carter-Williams 12, Davies 11, Sims 10, Anderson 10, Ware 10, Williams 9, Varnado 8, Wroten 4, Thomas 3, Thompson 3

HEAT 87 - Wade 16, Douglas 13, Allen 11, Battier 9, Jones 9, Beasley 8, Haslem 7, Hamilton 7, Cole 5, Oden 2

Philadelphia    29-26-29-16
Miami              27-24-15-21

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