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Amami Oshima(Kagoshima, Japan) - From Kasari to 'Ayamaru cape'.

Tags : Travel

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Video Description for Amami Oshima(Kagoshima, Japan) - From Kasari to 'Ayamaru cape'.

"Amami Oshima" very very very beautiful scenery.

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Looks like paradise.

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News Report:

Manny Pacquiao shares sibling moment with Ate Sidra  

LAS VEGAS - Manny Pacquiao got to spend some time with his older sister Sidra, following his win over Timothy Bradley Jr. for the WBO welterweight title last Saturday (Sunday, PHL time).

Sidra, who is five years older than Pacquiao, also lives in General Santos City.

She saw her younger brother earn a unanimous decision win over Bradley at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, before hanging out with him at the Filipino ring icon's suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel. Sidra usually avoids watching his fights, as she cannot bear to see Manny get hurt in the ring.

If you ask her about Manny’s future, she’ll tell you that she thinks he will be a good public servant in his post-boxing life, which she hopes comes sooner, rather than later. For Sidra, Manny doesn’t need the money, and would rather he be physically healthy than richer, saying, “Di importante ang pera. Ang importante ay makasama namin siya ng matagal.” - AMD/OMG, GMA News



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