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مسلسل يوسف الصديق - الحلقة الرابعة عشر

Tags : Entertainment

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Video Description for مسلسل يوسف الصديق - الحلقة الرابعة عشر

RaMa Syr

7llo wlo ^.^ ® ®
Aya Yahia

ممتاز لقد شاهدته كاملا مرتان او ثلاث و احب ان اعيده فكلما رايته غمرتني
السعادة بديني و احببت ان اعرف المزيد عن قصص الانبياء وان ادخل في ثنايا
الكتب لاتعلم من سيرتهم فمع انني اعلم قصصهم رواية الا ان تجسيد القصة له من
الروعة ما لا يوصف

انا رهف احب هالمسلسل
زعيم العصابة

جميلة بجد

يعجــبني انتــقائهم للكــلمـات في الــترجــمة !

لاالاه الا الله

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News Report:

2014 NBA quarterfinals preview: LA Clippers versus Golden State Warriors  

(3) Los Angeles Clippers 57-25
(6) Golden State Warriors 51-31

Season Series: Tied 2-2

October 31: Warriors 115-126 @ Clippers
December 25: Clippers 103-105 @ Warriors
January 30: Clippers 92-111 @ Warriors
March 12: Warriors 98-111 @ Clippers

 The Clippers look to have the advantage inside with Blake Griffin (L) and DeAndre Jordan, plus, the Warriors likely being without center Andrew Bogut (R). Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports / Reuters

In a league where the term 'rivalry' is loosely thrown around, the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors already share genuine distaste and bad blood even before a single postseason affair played between each other. There is no love lost between the remaining survivors from the state of California. From Andrew Bogut to DeAndre Jordan, from Klay Thompson to Blake Griffin, there is a sense of animosity, about to reach its boiling point.

The tension between both teams adds a layer of intrigue, if only because the two squads are very entertaining to watch, thanks to an abundance of star power. No other moment captures the electricity than their first matchup in the opening week of the regular season, when Chris Paul and Stephen Curry went mano-a-mano for 42 and 38 points, respectively. However, it was Griffin who stole the show, throwing down three consecutive alley-oop dunks midway through the third quarter to put the game away.


A riveting dynamic between the two squads is that while at first glance, both teams lean towards shootouts, they actually thrive on contrasting styles of play.

The Clippers are in fact, tops in the league on offense, scoring a league-best average of 107.9 points with the league's seventh-fastest pace. But on the other hand, the Warriors are a sneaky good defensive unit. Though the raw stats have Golden State ranked 10th in points allowed with 99.5 markers, crunching the numbers and accounting for the sixth-fastest pace has the Warriors third overall on defense, allowing only 99.9 points per 100 possessions.

As earlier mentioned, the performance of Paul and Curry will determine how competitive each squad will be. The crafty Paul will lure defenders into ball-fakes, stutter steps, and misdirection moves. The incendiary Curry will light up the scoreboard given the smallest sliver of daylight.
 Will the hot shooting of Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry thwart the Clippers' firepower? Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports / Reuters

The integration of Andre Iguodala onto the Warriors' roster has flown under the radar, save for a couple of behind the back passes he dished out early in the season. On the offensive end, he only averages 9.3 points, his lowest since his rookie season. His impact though is mostly felt on the defensive end, where he pesters wings, while Klay Thompson slides over. The tactic allows Curry to rest up on defense, taking on whoever is the weakest offensive threat.

Unfortunately, that ploy will not be as effective when the Warriors take on the Clippers. J.J. Redick is a lethal off-ball option, picking his spots through the screens as he extricates himself for open looks from the perimeter. It will be up to Warriors head coach Mark Jackson as to how he will hide Curry on the defensive end. By no means is Curry a severe defensive liability, but they will need to preserve him for as long as possible to be a constant offensive threat for the length of the game.

With Bogut expected to be sidelined or held to a minutes restriction due to a broken rib, Jordan becomes an imposing presence more than ever. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers will be expected to neutralize Golden State's free-wheeling small-ball offense with his two athletic bigs who can keep up with the Warriors in transition and prevent easy opportunities at the basket.

All throughout the season, the Clippers were a team that performed beyond its potential despite being bitten repeatedly by the injury bug. On a curious note, the ideal starting five of Paul, Griffin, Jordan, Redick, and Matt Barnes will only make their fifth start together when the postseason gets underway. That speaks volumes about a team that came within a whiff of the second seed out West.

These two teams detest each other so much that earlier in the season, they needed separate chapels services. By the end of the series though, the Clippers will have the Warriors on their knees and at their mercy.

Prediction: Clippers in 6

- AMD, GMA News

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