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عايش وحدي اتمنى الموت

Tags : Music

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Video Description for عايش وحدي اتمنى الموت

عايش عمري من دون احباب :(
والدنيا مسكرة بوجهي الباب
لا ام تداويلي جروحي
اقضي ليلي حسرة وعذاب :(
صاير كل ساعة اتمنى الموت
دهري سكني ببطن الحوت
يبكي قلبي بون سكوت
قلبي قلبي من القهر دااااااأأأ''ب
( الله يسامح الي كآ'ن السبب )
a7mad dawood ♥ :( :(

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Hani Aleafie

ابراهيم القحطاني

istanbul Nice Suites

ısmaıl agha tıslem ılsenek
علي الزهراني

raed alroaili

اياد الباشق

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News Report:

NBA: Mavericks dominate Spurs to earn split on the road

Dallas Mavericks guard Monta Ellis (right) drives to the basket past San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan (behind). Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports / Reuters

SAN ANTONIO - After San Antonio's Gregg Popovich received his third NBA Coach of the Year trophy on Tuesday (Wednesday, PHL time), his counterpart with the Dallas Mavericks, Rick Carlisle, suggested that the award hardly seemed sufficient.

"Why don't we just give him Coach of the Century?" Carlisle said Wednesday (Thursday, PHL time). "He's the greatest."

Carlisle was pretty good himself on Wednesday (Thursday, PHL time). His team's defense thwarted San Antonio at every turn, inducing 24 turnovers by the Spurs en route to a 113-92 victory that evened their Western Conference first-round series at one victory apiece.

Dallas also snapped a 10-game losing streak against San Antonio.

#MavsWIN: Mavs defeat the @spurs 113-92 behind Ellis 21 & Marions 20 pts. Box Score here: http://t.co/9nDlwioTlx pic.twitter.com/faMO2nctGD

— Dallas Mavericks (@dallasmavs) April 24, 2014

Guard Monta Ellis led the Mavericks with 21 points, one more than forward Shawn Marion. Guard Devin Harris scored 18, and forward Dirk Nowitzki added 16.

The Mavericks were much more efficient with the ball than San Antonio, committing just eight turnovers.

But Dallas really won the game on defense. The 24 turnovers were the most by San Antonio this season. Dallas turned them into 33 points.

Only reserve guard Manu Ginobili prevented the night from turning out even worse for the Spurs. He scored 27 points, converting 5-of-6 three-point shots. But the two other members of the Spurs' Big Three - Tony Parker and Tim Duncan - scored 12 and 11 points, respectively.

Duncan, who scored 27 in game one of the series, attempted only five shots, hitting four, on Wednesday.

Other Spurs had rougher nights, most conspicuously forward Kawhi Leonard, who made 1-of-5 shots and scored six points.

It was also a night of futility for San Antonio's role players, guys who had made shots all season. Patty Mills, Marco Belinelli, Danny Green and Boris Diaw combined for 22 points; Mills missed 6-of-7 shots.

San Antonio trailed 56-51 at halftime, but the deficit could have been much larger. The Spurs committed 15 turnovers in the half, one more than they average per game. They lost the ball 13 times in the first 17 minutes. Dallas turned the 15 turnovers into 19 points.

San Antonio didn't help itself by missing 6-of-14 free throws in the half.

The Spurs did at least one thing right in the half, limiting Nowitzki to nine points on 4-of-12 shooting. On one of the rare times that he shook loose from Spurs center Tiago Splitter, Nowitzki made a short jump shot to give the Mavs their biggest lead of the half, 15 points, with 2:31 remaining.

But the Spurs countered by finishing the half with a 10-0 push. Ginobili scored eight of the 10 points, including an acrobatic putback after Mills missed a driving layup. - Reuters

The scores:

MAVERICKS 113 - Ellis 21, Marion 20, Harris 18, Nowitzki 16, Calderon 12, Blair 8, Carter 8, Dalembert 4, Wright 4, Crowder 2, James 0, Larkin 0, Ellington 0

SPURS 92 - Ginobili 27, Parker 12, Duncan 11, Belinelli 7, Leonard 6, Splitter 6, Green 6, Mills 5, Bonner 4, Diaw 4, Joseph 4, Daye 0, Ayres 0

Dallas              24-32-32-25
San Antonio    23-28-24-17

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