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احمد شاملو : غزلیات مولانا - رقص سماع

Tags : People

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Video Description for احمد شاملو : غزلیات مولانا - رقص سماع

مراسم با شکوه هشتصدمین سال تولد مولانا شاعر بزرگ ایران زمین --
آب حیات عشق را در رگ ما روانه کن // آینه صبوح را ترجمه شبانه کن
Maulana : The Greatest Poet of Persia
Voice: Ahmad Shamlou

مراسم با شکوه هشتصدمین سال تولد مولانا شاعر بزرگ ایران زمین --
آب حیات عشق را در رگ ما روانه کن // آینه صبوح را ترجمه شبانه کن
Maulana : The Greatest Poet of Persia
Voice: Ahmad Shamlou

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رضا ایرانی

دوست گرامی کشور افغانستان و بعضی دیگر کشورها پارسی زبان در گذشته دور جزئ
قلمرو کشور ایران بودند و در تاریخ قابل کتمان نیست کشور دوست خوبمان
افغانستان در سال 1747 میلادی بوسیله احمدشاه ابدالی تاسیس شد و مولانا در سال
حدود 1220 میلادی میزیسته اختلافی خدود 500 سال بازنگری کنید در سال 1220
میلادی یعنی قرن ششم هجری کشور یا منطقه ائی باین نام وجود داشته یا نه با

bandeh ham hamin ro goftam, goftam ke ba in afghan e kam tamadon ,bah's o
mojadeleh nakonid chon bi fayedeh ast,zaroorati nist ke ma meliyat e
MOWLANA ro be hich kasi dar hich kojaye donya sabet bokonim ,chon har kasi
ke ahl e sher o honar o tarikh hast midooneh ke molana Irani boodeh o hast
o khahad hamoontor ke goftid eshgh e molana va asharesh
motealegh be hameye donyast.
Ruhallah Noori

He was born in balkh (afghanistan) and died in turkey. Just because he
spoke dari farsi it doesn't mean that he was iranian. If that's the case
then half of afghanistan who speak dari farsi are iranian?
fe ro

dear friend, Balkh was part of Iran ,and because his family moved to
Turkish because of Mongol attack , and at that time there was part of Rum
so he is called Rumi too .

kame sharm khob ast? shakhsyat mawlana ra ham az An khod karded

داداجان این اوغانستان که کمتر از 200 سال پیش با کمک انگلیسیها تشکیل شده است
و یک قبیله ی بی فرهنگ و تمدن پشتون نام خودشان را بر سرزمین افتخار آمیز
خراسان ماندند حالا شما ادعا دارید که جلاالدین بلخی اوغان بوده این بزرگترین
توهین به حضرت ایشان میباشد

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News Report:

Wladimir Klitschko brushes off 'whiner, softie' jibes

BERLIN - World heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko dismissed accusations of being a 'whiner' and a 'softie' from an ex-sparring partner ahead of Saturday's (Sunday, PHL time) world title fight against Australia's Alex Leapai.

"Of course I'm a softie and a whiner, didn't you know that already?" Klitschko told SID, an AFP subsidiary.

Klitschko's former sparring partner Sherman Williams told Wednesday's edition of German daily Die Welt how Leapai can bring the world title home to Australia.

The 34-year-old Leapai has vowed to "go to war" with reigning champion Klitschko, 38, who will be defending his WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO belts in Oberhausen, Germany.

"I can only advise Alex that as soon as the first round bell sounds, go courageously straight at Klitschko," Williams, 41, told Die Welt.

"Hit him with left and right shots to the body and then hit him on the chin with the right.

"I guarantee that if Alex fights the way I tell him to, Klitschko will throw his arms around like an octopus.

"He doesn't like being hit on the shoulders and back and Australia will have a new world champion."

Williams was one of Klitschko's ten sparring partners at his Austrian training camp in preparation for the Leapai fight.

But Klitschko's manager Bernd Boente said the US-based fighter had been released early after poor performances in the ring against the champion.

"Williams was so bad in sparring that he was like a living punch bag," Boente dismissively told SID, an AFP subsidiary.

"He came totally overweight to the camp and was then sent home, so this is no more than tit for tat from him." - AFP

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