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מיקמקודים 2013 חדש

Tags : People

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Video Description for מיקמקודים 2013 חדש

סליחה על האיכות וזה אנסה לעשות סירטון
חדש סירטון זה ימחק תודה !!

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rONEN ronen

מזה האיכות הזות תינוק יודע יותר טוב לצלם וגמ לאשות איחות יותר טובה וזה לא
מיכלוש ארדן

אני מצטערת אנסה לעשות סירטון חדש תודה שהגבת
מיכלוש ארדן

מצטערת אני אנסה לעשות סירטון חדש תודה שהגבת
Guy Tenenbaum

איכות גרועה יש לי הכל ובקבוק מיקמק אין כזה דבר ניסיתי יא הומו
linoy levi

יש בקבוק מיקמק יש לי אותו..
אורטל אשטמקר

לא נורה

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News Report:

No ‘apology’ over Manila bus crisis, but issues addressed – Almendras

Hong Kong accepts Erap apology. Hong Kong Chief Executive Chun Ying Leung (right) accepts on behalf of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government the apology delivered by Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada on Wednesday, April 23, over the 2010 Manila hostage crisis. With it, Hong Kong adjusted the Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) for the Philippines from Black to Amber. Standing behind Leung are the relatives of the victims and some of the survivors of the tragedy. Ason Cañete
While diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Hong Kong are getting back to normal after the 2010 Manila hostage crisis, the resolution of the conflict is still hounded with intrigue.
At a press conference in Hong Kong on Wednesday, the Hong Kong media specifically inquired about the lack of words like “apology” and “sorry” in a letter from the Philippine government presented to the families of the victims.
“It seemed that you refused to use the word apology? You only used the words 'most sorrowful regret'?” asked a member of the Hong Kong press during a media briefing, a portion of which was aired on GMA News' “24 Oras” Thursday evening.
The reporter was referring to the letter, signed by Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Alan Purisima, over the incident, copies of which were handed to the families of the victims by Cabinet Secretary Jose Rene Almendras.
“I would rather not say we refused but we found a better way of saying something which is more acceptable in the realm of the international diplomatic relations,” Almendras answered.
In a press briefing in Malacañang on Thursday, Almendras maintained that he did not apologize to the Hong Kong officials and to the families of the victims on behalf of the national government.

“Did I apologize on behalf of President (Benigno) Aquino? I did not say anything to that effect. But I expressed certain emotions and certain things relative to that. But it was not an outright (apology),” Almendras said.
“I have no authority to say 'I am sorry on behalf of the Republic of the Philippines'. But we made sure that we addressed the issues,” he added.
Almendras said what is important is the “sincerity” shown by the Philippine government to the Hong Kong officials and the families of the victims.
“Na-satisfy po namin yung mga hinihingi ng pamilya. Yun ang mga pinaka importante sa'kin. Na-satisfy po namin without having to use that word,” he said.
But Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada said the national government has apologized.
“The national government, through Secretary Almendras, ay nag-sorry, nag-apologize...and the local government, through the mayor, me myself, have also apologized. So, the national and local government apologized. And that's why this was accepted,” Estrada said in an interview on “24 Oras”.

Former finance secretary Jose Pardo concurred with Estrada.
“It (apology) was stated by Secretary Almendras. He, in effect, expressed it on behalf of the national government, and then read out a signed statement given to the families of the victims,” said Pardo, who was also present during the Wednesday meeting of Estrada and Almendras with Hong Kong officials led by Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying.
During the meeting, Estrada presented City Council of Manila Resolution No. 115, which expresses the apology of the City Government of Manila for the incident.

Estrada also presented Resolution No. 147, which declares July 14 of the lunar calendar and August 23 of the Gregorian calendar of every year as days of prayer for those who died in the incident. 
Following the incident that left eight Hong Kong tourists and the hostage taker dead, the Hong Kong government made four demands to the Philippine government: a formal apology, compensation for the families of the victims, sanctions against responsible officials and individuals, and tourist safety measures.
After the Wednesday meeting, Leung announced the reinstatement of a 14-day visa-free arrangement for Philippine officials and diplomats, which it canceled on January 29.
Leung also announced the downgrading of the travel alert status for the Philippines from black, which is considered the highest alert, to amber, the lowest.
“Following the efforts in the past six months, I now announce that the two governments and the victims and their families have reached consensus on the resolution of the four demands,” Leung said in a press statement. — Elizabeth Marcelo/JDS, GMA News

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