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စံလင္း - ကဗ်ာမမွီစာမပီ(ခ)

Tags : Entertainment

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Video Description for စံလင္း - ကဗ်ာမမွီစာမပီ(ခ)

စံလင္း၊ မီမီဝင္းေဖ - ေနမင္းရဲ႕စကားသံ

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laaungeu laaungeu

very good par

miss RIT canteen when hear this song.
moemyat thuzar

moe myat thuzar ( )very well
King Shwebo

nang hnin hnin pan

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News Report:

2014 NBA quarterfinals preview: Houston Rockets versus Portland Trail Blazers

(4) Houston Rockets 54-28
(5) Portland Trail Blazers 54-28

Season Series: Rockets 3-1

November 5: Rockets 116-101 @ Blazers
December 12: Rockets 104-111 @ Blazers
January 20: Blazers 113-126 @ Rockets
March 9: Blazers 113-118 @ Rockets (OT)

 Portland Trail Blazers power forward LaMarcus Aldridge (right) celebrates with point guard Damian Lillard (0). David Richard-USA TODAY Sports / Reuters

If there is a statistic that can sum up what to expect from the Houston Rockets and the Portland Trail Blazers when they face off, it would probably be this one: according to NBA.com, Nicolas Batum accumulated a grand total of 216 miles on the court this year. That is some serious back and forth running over the course of a season.

All four games during the regular season had both teams easily surpass the century mark scoring-wise and that trend should continue in the postseason with very little priority given on the defensive end. Rediscovering their offensive firepower, Portland is the hottest team entering the playoffs, winning nine of their last 10 games.

LaMarcus Aldridge has been a revelation this season, posting career-high numbers and he's been showing no residual effects of the back contusion that kept him sidelined for a significant chunk of March. Averaging 26.8 points and 15.5 rebounds in four meetings against the Rockets, Aldridge will be expected to shoulder the offensive burden of a Blazers squad that has not tasted a second-round appearance since 2000.

This matchup will also serve as the baptism of fire for Damian Lillard. The second-year point guard is knocking on the door to join the club of elite playmakers, and his maiden playoff series will serve as his audition tape. If the All-Star Weekend taught us anything, Lillard has a terrific motor and has the endurance to stay afloat through the postseason rigors. He is unfazed by physical point guards and he should not be intimidated by the likes of Patrick Beverley.

Ironically, health played a huge role in the Blazers' success this season, as they bucked their reputation of a team perpetually beset by a malaises and injuries. This season, four of the five Blazers starters – Lillard, Batum, Wesley Matthews, and Robin Lopez – played and started all 82 games, implying a great deal of continuity. No other squad comes remotely close to that clean bill of health.

 Dwight Howard chose the Houston Rockets as a free agent because he felt he could win titles with them. Raj Mehta / Reuters

In order to play up to par with the surging Blazers, the Rockets will need James Harden and Dwight Howard to perform at First Team All-NBA caliber. The onus falls particularly on Howard, who looks extra motivated whenever Lopez is guarding him. Over the course of the regular season, Howard averaged a respectable 18.3 points and 12.2 rebounds. Against the Blazers, that number vaulted up to 25.5 points and 13.5 rebounds, reminiscent of his peak seasons with the Orlando Magic.

Rebounding between Dwight Howard, Terrence Jones, and Omer Asik will be critical for Houston to prevail because Portland leads the league in hauling down caroms with 46.4 a game. Every possession also carries significant value for the Rockets because of their turnover-prone habits. The Rockets throw the ball away 15.4 times a game, second-worst in the league.

Both teams are potent at the free throw line for different reasons. The Rockets get to the stripe 31.1 times a game, a byproduct of Smite-a-Dwight, whereas the Blazers compensate with the most accurate clip at 81 percent, tops in the league. The two teams are similar when it comes to three-point shooting, taking a high volume of attempts and converting slightly above league average.

The matchup that could swing a game or two lies at the small forward spot between Chandler Parsons and Batum. Both are do-it-all swingmen who can create offense on the fly and trigger defensive stops at the other end. In a run-and-gun series such as this, neither of them has any margin for error to fade out of games.

How much impact will the bench players have? In the postseason where depth charts are narrowed, every contribution from the likes of Jeremy Lin and Mo Williams will be pivotal. Both are heat check guys who can string together points in a hurry and win a quarter for either team.

The Rockets may have the two best players on the floor, but the Blazers have greater balance from options one through seven. In a series where 30-point plus quarters can be the norm rather than the exception, it will be a safer bet to go with the team that can produce an onslaught from any given player at any given opportunity.

Prediction: Blazers in 6

- AMD, GMA News

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