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مسرحية(ابو سارة × العمارة) في الحسا

Tags : People

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Video Description for مسرحية(ابو سارة × العمارة) في الحسا

مقطع في النهاية من مسرحية ابو سارة في العمارة في الحسا وهو يقول فدييييييييييتكم
للعرض الثاني

مقطع في النهاية من مسرحية ابو سارة في العمارة في الحسا وهو يقول فدييييييييييتكم
للعرض الثاني

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يالبى اللي تصور بث

الرجال مو حق هذي الحركات وبعدين لا تشوهين سمعته ترينه بو عيال والله لا يكثر
من امثاليك وبعدين ترينه مشهور ومعروف بخلاقه وتصرفاته الحسنه هذولي الي يحبون
ينشرون الكره بين الناس والسمعه السيئه

al5blal3agel ههههه طيب يمكنها بويه وتزغبك انت :) اسمح لي بس الحساويات كلهم
شنبات الحرمه وهي الحرمه عندها زب استبنه
deema saad

لبى الحسا

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News Report:

"Malampaya, Islang Bakal": An 'I-Witness' documentary by Sandra Aguinaldo

Dokumentaryo ni Sandra Aguinaldo
Airing date: April 26, 2014

It is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Isolated in the middle of the ocean, gas platform workers have to contend with extreme weather conditions, loneliness and the threat of fire and explosion.
Out in the West Philippine Sea, the Malampaya Gas Platform produces 300 million cubic feet of natural gas everyday which supplies 40% of Luzon’s power needs.  More than its contribution to the economy, the 59 platform workers bear the responsibility of operating a multi-billion dollar facility in the safest way possible. An accident bearing so much gas running in a 500 kilometer pipeline all the way to Batangas would be catastrophic. This is why, in Malampaya, safety is an obsession. 
Working on a platform is unlike any other job on land.  There is no phone signal and there is no other way to get to the platform except through a helicopter. However, there is a gym, a music room, a clinic and they are served 12-course meals every day.
For the first time on Philippine television, Malampaya opens its doors to I-Witness for a documentary about the extraordinary lives of the people working in a gas platform.  “Malampaya, Islang Bakal” is hosted by Sandra Aguinaldo, this Saturday on GMA, after Celebrity Bluff.
Filipino version
Itinuturing itong isa sa pinaka-delikadong trabaho sa buong mundo.  Malayo, at nasa gitna ng dagat, ang mga nagtatrabaho sa platform ay humaharap sa matinding init, alon at bagyo. Naroon din ang kalungkutan at ang panganib ng sunog at pagsabog.
Sa West Philippine Sea, ang Malampaya Gas Platform ay nakakakuha ng 300 million cubic feet ng natural gas mula sa ilalim ng dagat araw-araw. Dito nanggagaling ang apatnapung porsiyento ng kuryente ng Luzon.  Pero maliban sa kontribusyon nito sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas, ang limampu’t siyam na nagtatrabaho sa platform bitbit ang mabigat na responsibilidad ng pagpapatakbo ng ligtas ang pasilidad na nagkakahalaga ng ilang bilyong-dolyar.  
Ang pagtatrabaho sa platform ay kakaiba sa mga trabaho sa lupa.  Dito, walang signal ng telepono, at ang tanging paraan na marating ang platform ay lulan ng isang helicopter. Pero kahit nasa gitna ng karagatan, meron ditong gym, music room at clinic.  Isang dosenang ulam din ang inihahanda bawat kainan. 
Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon sa telebisyon, papasukin ng I-Witness ang Malampaya para kilalanin ang mga taong nagtatrabaho sa isang gas platform.  “Malampaya, islang bakal” ay dokumentaryo ni Sandra Aguinaldo, ngayong Sababdo sa GMA pagkatapos ng Celebrity Bluff. 

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