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سروود له مه ولود

Tags : Entertainment

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Video Description for سروود له مه ولود

سروود له مه ولود

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News Report:

Let’s travel: 'Biyahe ni Drew' fans pick their favorite destinations

For more travel tips from GMA News TV’s weekly budget travel program hosted by Drew Arellano, follow the “Biyahe ni Drew” Facebook page and Twitter account! “Biyahe ni Drew” airs every Friday night at 8:00 p.m. on GMA News TV.

“What is your favorite episode of “Biyahe ni Drew” and why?” Last week, the crew of GMA News TV’s travel show hosted by Drew Arellano posed this question to our viewers.

If you’re looking for a summer destination, our biyaheros recommend that you start local! Most biyaheros chose our first anniversary special in Batanes as their favorite. Biyahero Faith Ojo describes it as “a place you can call your sanctuary when you’re super stressed.”

Here are more picks from our biyaheros, and link to itineraries for each one.

Anthony Aquino Tisara My favorite episode is the crew's Batanes trip. Aside from the fact that it's the show's first anniversary episode, I loved it kasi sumama rin si Mrs. Iya Villania-Arellano (kahit kamay lang nya at likod ang nakita) and the viewers were treated sa angking ganda ng isla, sa mga pagkaing doon lang matitikman at higit sa lahat, sa talento at kabusilakan ng mga Ivatan.

Em Legasto Very serene ng place at majestic ng view, plus you can see how they preserve their culture. Isa 'to sa mga goal ko na marating. Five years in the making na ang plan but I've never booked the flight. I feel guilty dahil inuuna ko ang pag visit outside of the country.

Jane Marie Hindi lang ‘yung lugar at mouth-watering na mga pagkain ang nagustuhan namin doon pati yung mga tao. Nakaka-proud kung gaano kaganda ang Batanes at gaano kabait at honest ang mga tao doon! Napakayaman talaga ng Pilipinas, we should all be proud.

[Itinerary: Breathtaking Batanes]

The pilot episode of “Biyahe ni Drew” featured Bislig, Surigao del Sur and the nearby Hinatuan Enchanted River was an unforgettable experience for our crew – many of whom have been working on travel shows for over four years – and we’re happy to know that some biyaheros still keep it in mind over a year after it aired.

Jefferson M. Victorino I immediately booked a flight after watching the episode with my frends. The Enchanted River is truly magical and majestic. #BiyaheniDrew inspires me to travel more.

Paolo Camus Drew's first ever episode, the Enchanted River episode. It was step-by-step and very informative, which is why after watching that episode, I’m confident to travel all by myself

[Itinerary: A 48-budget travel plan to Surigao del Sur]

Biyahero Hancel Reyes recommends keeping an eye out for emerging and underrated travel destinations. Hancel and Jun Abarca del Rosario both picked places in Mindanao, which some tourists avoid because of its troubled history.

Hancel Reyes Lake Sebu, South Cotabato! Hindi lahat sa Mindanao magulo. You can do nature tripping, and ang daming falls! If you are into adventure, nandiyan ang ziplines. If you are into culture and heritage, you can visit Lang Dulay, who is a Living Treasure, and explore her T'nalak creations.

Jun Abarca Del Rosario Samal Island! This where the show promised to look for a different way to enjoy a tourist spot. It really showed that! I recently went and followed what Drew did.

[Itineraries: 48 Hours in South Cotabato; Samal Island, the underrated paradise]

Sometimes, a brand-new experience is hidden in plain sight. Last summer, Drew got a new perspective of Boracay with the help of “Survivor: Philippines” castaway and model Kiko Rustia, who is based on the island. [Itinerary: Boracay on a budget]

In the same way, Drew and the crew also had one of our best trips ever in Moalboal, a small island a boat ride away from mainland Cebu. Though we’ve been to the Queen City of the South several times, our afternoon canyoneering and chilling by Kawasan Falls is definitely one for the books.

Deanna Bibat, our segment producer for that episode, says: “In all my years as a travel show producer, this is my favorite adventure.”

Sean Santillan MOALBOAL! Hindi ko alam ‘yon kahit madalas ako mag-travel sa Cebu. Thanks to BND, ‘yon na next destination ko!

[Itinerary: Best trip ever in Moalboal, Cebu] 

Coron, Palawan is one of the most idyllic spots in the Philippines, but it took on a new meaning for us when we visited it after Typhoon Yolanda wreaked havoc on the island paradise. 

John Oliver Ilao Maballo Noong unang punta [ng “Biyahe ni Drew”] sa Coron, kitang-kitang ‘yung ganda nito, pero after the Yolanda landfall, mas lalo pa nila napakita yung natatagong ganda ng Busuanga. Hindi lang sa mga rock formation, lagoons, and lakes kundi pati yung mismong mga nakatira doon, napakita nila na kahit na ganoon ‘yung nangyari sa kanila, kayang-kaya nilang bumangon at muling ibalik ang ganda at turista sa kanilang lugar.

I had the opportunity to go to coron once, but if I have the opportunity, definitely I will go back to coron not just once but a lot. #itineraryonthegopanalo

[Itinerary: 48 Hours in Coron, Palawan]

Remember that time when we celebrated Drew’ birthday in the surfing haven of Baler?

Ann SancheRo Baler episode is the best. This is where we got to meet your staff and crew. One of the rare moments where our first ever surfing experience was captured on video and shown on national television. I will definitely go back to Baler and ride the waves again. Way to go #BiyaheNiDrew!

[Itinerary: Baler beyond surfing]

Looking for a completely different experience? Several biyaheros planned their trips abroad with our itineraries to Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Brunei.

Naj Dominguez I’m planning to visit Singapore this year and I already saved a copy of your itinerary, plus the video of this episode… It’s all in my phone so Singapore, here I come! ??

Gail Gardon-Vicente For us Filipinos, we normally plan on going to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong for trips abroad, particularly in Asia. [There’s] an alternative destination in Brunei – its beautiful beaches and rainforest and its unique culture.

The “Biyahe ni Drew” crew would like to thank all the biyaheros who’ve joined us on our adventures week after week. What makes a destination isn’t the landscapes but the people, and we’re thrilled to be able to share the roller-coaster ride called travel with you!

Janice Leriorato Honestly speaking, I like almost all of the episodes of Biyahe ni Drew since I personally love nature and adventure. It's not just the places they've been but the happiness and joy they've shown which gets me more excited to be in those places (in due time). Hence, it would be hard for me to choose only one. Every episode, for me, is the best and I’m still looking forward for more best episodes to come.

Jennifay Lava Salamat sa show nyo! Dahil sa inyo, ang sarap libutin ang buong Pilipinas.

--CM, GMA News

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