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Буриад Ардын Дуу - Ёохор

Tags : Music

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Video Description for Буриад Ардын Дуу - Ёохор

МУСТА Д. Чулуунцэцэг - Буриад Ардын Дуу Ёохор

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Khaschuluu Munkhbayar

Ёохор хатариш

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News Report:

Photo exhibit shines a light on the heroic work of Doctors Without Borders

Dr. Maria Guevara, MSF Regional Humanitarian Representative, gave guests a guided tour of the Doctors Without Borders photo exhibit at Alliance Francaise de Manille. Photos courtesy of Doctors Without Borders
The international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières (hence the initialism MSF), does not have a Philippine office, and yet it has been coming to the aid of Filipinos during disasters for the last three decades.

To mark its 30th year of providing emergency aid to the Philippines, the French organization has mounted a photo exhibit at Alliance Francaise de Manille showing the different places they have served, including Typhoon Yolanda-devastated central Philippines.

MSF Regional Humanitarian Representative Dr. Maria Guevara and Department of Health Undersecretary Dr. Teodoro Herbosa opened the exhibit, which features photographs of major crises around since 1971, when MSF was founded by a group of doctors and journalists during the Biafra war in Nigeria.

“MSF was created in the belief that all people have the right to medical care regardless of gender, race, religion, creed or political affiliation,” Guevara said in her speech.

Guevara added that the group has assisted Filipino victims of typhoons, flash floods, volcanic eruptions, drought, conflicts, and even those affected by certain diseases or epidemics.

“Only recently, we were in front of one of the major natural disasters the country has faced, in which some 16 million Filipinos have either lost their homes or their livelihoods, and more than 6,200 people were killed by Typhoon Yolanda,” Guevara said.

PHL thanks MSF
 Dr Teodoro Herbosa, Undersecretary of Health, acknowledged and thanked MSF for its emergency response to typhoon Yolanda, as well as its previous efforts in conflict areas in the country.In his speech, Herbosa thanked the MSF, saying that the group's humaniatrian efforts around the world are "well distinguished."

"The heroic acts of your teams in responding to emergencies are worth all these commendations," added Herbosa, who mentioned that he applied for MSF when he finished his general surgery studies in 1989.

“I wanted to go and volunteer in war situations. But at the time MSF's policy was [you have to] stay in France for six months for a psychological debrief before they send you off to war,” he said.

”I never got to do that but I had a lot of experience in disasters in the Philippines,” he added.

Herbosa thanked the MSF for its “donation of large quantities of medicines, medical supplies and equipment” including 72,000 relief kits for Yolanda victims; 27,000 tents; and reconstruction kits and shelter materials for over 136,000 people.

He said five MSF teams comprising about 600 people from Belgium, France, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland treated about 100,000 Yolanda victims.

“I understand that you are now helping rebuild a semi-permanent, prefabricated deltawood hospital in Guiuan, Samar which is expected to be finished and functional by June of 2014,” Herbosa said.

”We appreciate this effort very much and also pleased that the MSF has earmarked €15.2 million for more Haiyan response activities from 2014 to 2016,” he added.

Not just doctors
 Dr Natasha Reyes, Emergency Response Support Manager of MSF-Hong Kong, was among the first to launch the emergency response to typhoon Yolanda. She shared her field experience during the opening ceremony.Dr. Natasha Reyes, manager of the MSF's Emergency Response Support Unit, said that when MSF is mentioned, people immediately think of doctors.

However, she said, there is actually “a huge machinery behind us made up mostly of logisticians and finance people.”

In her speech, she said it was “easy to get a bunch of doctors on the ground but they can't do anything if they don't have the equipment or the medicine to work with. The huge logistics machine of MSF allows us to set up an inflatable operation theater within days from a disaster.”

She also mentioned that the strength of the MSF was in the private donations it receives, “the grandmother giving a few euros or a few dollars a month gives us this fund to be able to work, to be flexible, to be reactive, and to truly be impartial.”

In an interview with GMA News Online, Reyes, who hails from Bacolod, said she was the first MSF member to arrive in the Philippines the day after typhoon Yolanda struck on November 8 last year.

Reyes, who flew in from Hong Kong and rushed to Guiuan, said she was devastated to see a newly renovated hospital in ruins because it was the lifeline of the people. She added that in the past, the patients the hospital couldn’t treat were sent to Tacloban. After Yolanda, this was no longer possible because Tacloban was also in ruins.

Reyes said she saw local doctors and nurses serving for five days straight without rest—men and women who were actually victims themselves, their own families and homess affected by the super storm.

Among all the patients she helped treat, Reyes said the one she remembers the most was a 14-year-old girl named Lovely.

“Something fell on her leg and it was broken. The skin was intact, but her leg was broken and it was three inches shorter than the other kasi na-compress siya and she did not seek medical care until I think two weeks after,” Reyes recalled.

Lovely was brought to Cebu and had to stay there until her leg healed. Even though Lovely and her family lost a lot during the typhoon, the girl’s only wish was to be home for Christmas.

So Reyes spoke to the girl’s surgeons and MSF was able to bring Lovely home to Guiuan in time for Christmas.

“I am Pinoy so I understand how important it is to be home for Christmas,” Reyes said.

She explained that MSF was not just about saving lives. “There's quite a lot of lives that you save. It's just not that; it's also connecting people to their families, getting people back home for Christmas.”

She said she was proud to be working for the MSF. “I think we did a lot of significant work, but I was even more proud to be a Filipino...We had a lot of help from outside but I think Filipinos did the bulk of the work to recover from Yolanda and I'm really proud.” — BM, GMA News

“Behind the Scenes: The Journey of Doctors Without Borders” is on display at the Alliance Française de Manille Art Gallery, Makati City. Its run has been extended until May 30.

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