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خالد عليش علي الهواء في ميجا اف ام

Tags : Entertainment

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Video Description for خالد عليش علي الهواء في ميجا اف ام

خالد عليش علي الهواء في برنامج صباحك احلي مع بيبسي علي اذاعة ميجا اف ام

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diaa rashed

فى مشكلة مش عارف اتواصل
diaa rashed

انا شغال امن فى وادى النترون والحاجة الوحيدة بتسلينى فى الجبل هو انتى بحبك
يا خلد ياجاااااااااااااامد
hany elkomy

احلـــى تحيــــة للبنــــات اللــــي بتتكســــف لمـــا ولــــد يبصلهــــا
فـــي عنيهـــا لســـه موجــــودة الفصيلــــة دي ا .

hany elkomy

اردت ان اسير في طريق الحياه.... فوجدت الرياح للخلف تدفعني...... اردت ان
اصعد الي سلم النجاح... فوجدت الارض تجذبني.... فقلت اتخيل في المنام فوجدت
القلق يداهمني.... فوقفت حائرآ..... وعندما اتاحت لي الفرصه.... فوجدت الموت

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News Report:

Toroman officially takes over Jordanian national team

Coaching consultant and first assistant Rajko Toroman of Barako Bull Energy Cola. KC Cruz

Rajko Toroman, formerly head coach of the Philippine men’s national basketball team, and consultant for the PBA’s Barako Bull Energy Cola, has been named as the coach of the Jordanian national team, FIBA Asia confirmed.

Toroman, who was also national team head coach of Iran in the past, described the move as a “big challenge,” adding, “I’ll try to do the same as what I did with those two teams [Iran and the Philippines], that is taking Jordan forward.”

The 59-year-old Serbian said the team is currently training in advance of the 2014 Asian Games, to be held from September to October in Incheon, South Korea. His long-term goal though, is a fine performance in the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship, after the country finished seventh in the 2013 edition.

Participation in both the Asian Games and the FIBA Asia Championship could see him go head-to-head against the Philippines, depending on the draw.

Toroman also cautioned that “It is not just about the result. It’ll also be about developing some of young players. The team will be a mix of experience and young players.” - Reuters

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